UX Antwerp Meetup organised by startup UXprobe

Your monthly event in Antwerp to understand User Experience (UX)


Concern for user experience (UX) is a growing trend, especially with the development of the digital world. It refers to a person's behavior and emotions when using a product, a system or a service. Our event explores the different ways to understand and improve UX from many different point of views: product design, use cases, research, professional journeys and more.

This event is organized as a Meetup, where people can register as members, but is open to anyone, and everyone is welcome to attend. UXprobe started this group in May 2013 with a first registration of 30 persons. In the last year, our group has grown from 282 members (January 2015) to 773 members (January 2016). The attendency has grown from a small group of 5-10 people at the beginning to a regular attendency of 30 to 40 UX professionals. For our last meetup in January, 80 members registered.

In 2015, we brought the Meetup to the next level, with two talks of 30mn each meetup. We invited professionals from web design agencies (Little Miss Robot, Design is Dead, In The Pocket, etc.), UX design agencies (Studio Dott., Internet Architects, Human Interface Group, etc.), but also General Assembly (UK) and Gouden Gids!

For 2016, our program is filling in:

  • January 26: we had Johannes Vandermeulen (Namahn) "Way Beyond the Visual Interface" and Paul Davies (UXprobe) "Becoming Digital" 
  • February 23: Saskia Videler (The Dutchess) "A world class website for a small municipality" and Tommy De Kimpe (Human Interface Group) "App design: why screen design is only the second step"
  • March 22: Mieke Daniels (KBC - Head of KBC Touch) and Anna Lankauf (Divante)

As a startup, organising this event has been a surprisingly helpful content marketing enabling us to build a community of like-minded people.

We see the growing need for professionals (web designers, product managers, app makers, developers) to learn more about UX, and to get advice from their peers.

Around the world, we see User experience contribution to many success stories – just consider that "AirBnB’s Mike Gebbia credits UX with taking the company to $10 billion" (Forbes article). That's why we hope to bring our UX Meetup event to a broader, business-oriented audience in the near future.



Isabelle Dro

UX Antwerp Meetup Manager, UXprobe

About UXprobe

UXprobe offers a software service that measures the User Experience of apps. It provides real-life customer-based insights that help companies understand their customers’ feelings and behavior in order to improve their app. UXprobe offers solutions to major sectors like: banking, energy, telecommunication, government & media.

Here are some more pictures, available for download: http://press.uxpro.be/media


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